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  • Traditional marketing talks at a person.
  • Content marketing engages people and allows
    them to form their own conclusions.
Which does your client base prefer?

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Connect To Your Clients:

How to Market with Content, and start reaching your target audience today

Content is what drives today’s society. Google needs content to rank and provide as search results. Social sites like Facebook thrives on user generated content.

And if you know what you’re doing, you can use that to your advantage by providing the content people are searching for most. You can be where your potential clients are looking, and lead them in to do business with you.

Get your potential clients to find you based on the quality of the Content you Create

People know how to search and they do it well. With mobile technology, they can find anything they want from wherever they are. Yet they won’t know about you if you aren’t where they look. That’s where content helps drive business to the small businesses that understand today’s unique marketplace.

Google continues to be the most widely used and searched site online. When people have a question or a problem, they Google it. And to make it to the top of each search result and be ready for action from your client, you have to know how to play the game.

How to drive sales using Quality Content Professionally Designed by a Ghost Blogger

If you aren’t where your customers are, providing them with the answers and solutions to their questions, you’ll never do business with them. In today’s world:

  • 77% of all Internet users read blogs
  • 81% of consumers trust the advice from a blog
  • 61% say they have made a purchase based on a blog post
  • 52% say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop
  • Small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads

Quality content means having the right titles, the right keywords, saying the right thing at the right time, and sharing it in the right way. Without the proper pieces at the proper time, your content and your business will never be noticed.

"Ghost blogging works. I've used it for years and will continue to do so."

“As a small chiropractic office, I wear many different hats throughout my busy days. I knew my best place to reach out and find new customers was in the online world. But without a lot of time on my hands, I had no idea where to start. TheSocialGhost helped by developing a website for me built on the WordPress platform that allows me to make changes whenever I want. I love being able to update things like my hours or add special events whenever I choose, and its very easy to do. Its even mobile ready, which is increasingly important to my customers. Then I moved to their ghost blogging services, which almost immediately helped me gain traction in Google. I now rank under a variety of keywords, and have connected with people well beyond my reach with my more traditional marketing methods. The posts TheSocialGhost writers create for me are always professional, and I’ve used the content in so many other ways … like posting to my Facebook page. Ghost blogging works. I’ve used it for years and will continue to do so.”

Jason Watts – Watts Chiropractic

If you don’t have the time to write, don’t know what to write about, or simply don’t enjoy writing at all, why not rely on the #1 service that is helping businesses JUST LIKE YOURS reach out to their customers and build relationships with them in a very special way

Our goal is to keep our clients happy by bringing them in more business. When we work for a client we not only dive in to learn more about who their target market is so we can reach out and write more effectively, we develop a unique voice that gives their business personality.

Ghost blogging truly is about bringing in a ghost writer who knows you, understands your business, and provides the most effective way to teach your potential clients enough to want to do business with you.

We do the writing … you get the results.
What could be better than that?

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How Ghost Blogging Works

Start enjoying your business again while we blog for you.

"I’m coming up high on search engines for my keywords, and my business is booming!"

“TheSocialGhost designed both my website and my blog, and I was excited about the potential of finding clients online. After several months, I knew there was no way I could blog on a regular basis, and run my business at the same time. So I used their ghost blogging services as well. In just a few short months, I’ve seen a ton of traffic come to my blog, I’m coming up high on search engines for my keywords, and my business is booming!””

Howie Metz – Quality 1st Plumbing

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • + What is ghost blogging?

    You’ve heard of ghost writers; people who write books for other people that may not have the time or skill to write books on their own. Ghost bloggers do the same for busy business owners who don’t have the time to write blog posts on their own. We do all the writing, you get all the credit.

  • + How will ghost blogging help me?

    The purpose of ghost blogging is to provide you with quality content you can use in a variety of ways. It can help you rank in Google for the searches people most likely perform to find your niche. It can also be used in social sites like Facebook, and even newsletter and other more traditional marketing tools, like postcards.

  • + Is this something I can do today and have it help me forever?

    Yes. Unlike traditional marketing that your prospects will throw away, a blog post exists online as long as you want it to. Keep in mind that the only way to get traction is to keep adding content on a regular basis. You wouldn’t expect one postcard to work forever without ever sending another, would you?

  • + How do I work with you?

    Its easy. We work on a monthly basis. You choose how many times per week we’ll write for you for a one month period of time.

  • + How are my posts delivered?

    For most of our clients, we create the content, we enter it into your WordPress platform, we add in all the details, like SEO, images, even video. Then we release it and can even share it with your social sites if you like.

  • + Do I have to sign a contract?

    Nope, no long term contracts. We work month by month. If you no longer desire our services, simply cancel before the next monthly charge takes place.

  • + Will you help my competition too?

    We have a strong commitment to each of our clients. Because our ghost blogging service is designed to help you achieve ranking on Google, we will only take on one client at a time per niche.

  • + Why should I buy now?

    Once we have a client in a particular industry, in a particular demographic, we no longer will accept a competing client. To guarantee your spot with us, sign up today.

Start Ghost Blogging Today!

Start Ghost Blogging Now!